2012 BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge

Parker Arizona…….We came, we saw, we got defeated…….again!!

Thursday morning, Stewart showed up with the truck, ready to qualify for the 2012 BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge. We showed up at the Blue Water Casino to register for the race as well as qualifying. We were set to start fourth in qualifying. We arrived back at the truck and began prepping it for qualifying. We added a splash of fuel, just enough for the 3 mile qualifying lap, removing the rear tires to lighten the truck enough to hopefully gain some ground.  The rain was relentless. Mother Nature decided to open up and water down the track, adding for a little dust control.  It didn’t help. Our first lap around was good. It was definitely a lot better than our second lap. Due to the heavy rains, the generator that Casey Folks was using to operate the red and green lights at the start line, malfunctioned and we probably lost a few seconds at the start line.  Due to unknown reasons Casey combined the 7200 class and the 1000 class vehicles together. All in all, we settled for a 13th place qualifying spot, starting next the 12th place starter, Randy Merritt, #7281 of KC HiLites/Mongo Racing. 

Saturday morning, October 13th, we enjoyed watching the 1st race and then began setting the truck up for the race. Completing our normal, pre-race check list, the truck was ready. Stewart Dixon got into the driver’s seat and Derek Dixon was navigating. They warmed the truck up and staged for the 3rd race. Staging was at 9:45am and race time was 10:15am.  We lined up and hung out with the Lost Boys crew, waiting for the time to start our engines and take to the start line. 10:15a.m. rolls around and we start the race next to Randy Merritt. We got the green light and the race has begun! The start of the race was more set up for buggies and not a 6,000 pound truck with a 540 horse power engine. We were bogging down and bogging down bad. We lost off the start line to Mongo Racing but this was about combined times. We still had Sundays to race to better our final position. The truck was holding up. The race course was a 3 lap race. The first and second laps were 26 mile loops with the last lap being 21 miles for a total of 73 miles. We were keeping a average pace at an average of 33 minutes a lap.  Stewart and Derek passed Gary Dixon, Jeff McCullough and Kevyn Thaxton in the hot pit, while they were yelling into the PCI radio, it was difficult to understand what Stewart was saying. We attempted to reach them but they were gone. We were going to finish the first race! Looks like Parker isn’t going to get us this time.. WRONG! We went to the Ford Mesa, to watch the 7200 class trucks and 1000 vehicles come to the finish line. At 1 hour and 39 minutes, Lost Boys #7205 unlimited Ford crossed the finish line. Unfortunately, Parker beat us again at their own race….AGAIN!! Four turns from the finish line, Stewart heard a pop in the engine and lost all horsepower. They pulled it into the Ford Mesa, smoke billowing from the engine breather. We were done! We burned up our piston rings. Will there ever be a moment where Lost Boys Racing will beat Parker Arizona at its own race? Stay tuned for the Parker 425 in February.

We hung out at camp and enjoyed everyone’s company. We barbequed! We ate! We had a good time with friends and family. The kids had a great time swimming in the river, and we relaxed. Lost Boys Racing may have lost the 2012 BITD Blue Water Desert Challenge, but having our friends and family out there, cheering us on, WE WON! Next on our agenda, 2012 BITD Henderson 250, November 30th-December 2nd.

Stay Tuned for Blue Water Challenge photos coming soon.


Blue Water Desert Challenge

Blue Water Desert Challenge post coming soon. Stay Tuned.

-Lost Boys

Three of a Kind…

Saturday Night at Perris Speedway

IMG_3680Click on the photo above for a slide show of the event.

Lost Boys Racing took to the circle track to try out our new car.  Brian at 1 Day Wraps sponsored the event.  Stewart and Butch worked on the ’76 Nova for a few days.  I am sure that Stewart was nervous bu he kept the car on the track.

After 5 laps the car lost oil pressure and overheat from mud in the radiator.  The rest of the night was the same, the car had lots of power to start the heat but quickly overheated.

We got our feet wet now and will be back soon with better results and a new engine.  Look for Perris Speedway updates.

Harvest New Year’s Eve Car Show


We had a great time at the New Year’s Eve Car Show at Harvest Church in Riverside.  Click on the photo above for a slide show of the event.

Paradigm The Movie


PARADIGM THE MOVIE from Paradigm Productions on Vimeo.

Derek and I attended the Paradigm The Movie premiere at the OC Tavern in San Clemente over the weekend.

There were over 100 people there to watch some great race footage.  The movie included shots from all over including, Laughlin, Parker, Vegas, and Mexico.  I give it 4 stars and 5 beers!




We also had a great time speaking with Andy McMillin.  He shared lots of great racing tips.

Henderson 2009

Best in the Desert.

Casey always comes through.  After the closures by the BLM he relocated the Henderson Fabtech 300 to Jean, NV.  He set up a great camping area with two access roads, toilets, a trash collection area, and hired water trucks to work everyday to keep the dust down.  Down the road was a great spectator area with plenty of room.  This was another great race by Best in the Desert.

thanksgiving,henderson rachel b day 604

The blading done by Casey actually made racing harder for us.  The speed we maintained took a toll on our truck.  With our GPS scaled down to .15 of a mile, I still could not call out the turns fast enough for Stewart.  If it wasn’t for the dust, we could have passed anyone in our class.  In fact, we passed four 7200 trucks, one class 10, two class 8 trucks including Greg Biffle from NasCar and Rob MacCachren on the first lap.  After being hit by a trophy truck we broke two 3/4″ bolts that keep our rear trailing arms on.  The end with the threads just broke off.

thanksgiving,henderson rachel b day 418
Derek and Stewart made emergency repairs and attempted to drive the truck into the main pit, this was 17 miles away and very dangerous.  After two near misses with high speed collisions they decided to use an access road to repair to the main pit.  We were officially out of the race at that point, only half way done.

thanksgiving,henderson rachel b day 493

The gains our race team have accomplished this year are many but don’t look very good on paper, with our one finish this year being Vegas to Reno. Everything on our new truck is a learning experience, the big question is can we keep it up.  In the past seven years we have finished 3rd place in at least a dozen races.  And in this sport, nobody cares who comes in 3rd.  Our goal this year was to finish 1st or break it trying.  At least we accomplished one of our goals.

thanksgiving,henderson rachel b day 582
Click HERE for a slide show from the race.  If you see anything cool on the web regarding Henderson, send it our way.

Crew Notice

Our final meeting before Vegas to Reno:

The Shop

Sunday, 8/16/09 2:00 pm

Bring items that you would like to put in the 5th Wheel. Call Gary on his cell for more info. Please make plans to attend.

Notice to Crew

Countdown to Vegas to Reno has begun. Our first meeting:

The Shop
Saturday, 8/8/09 7:00 am

Bring work clothes. Call Gary on his cell for more info. Please make plans to attend.

Just in from Trackside Photo

TT250 Jump