Tech Tip #3

Here’s a very helpful video guide, not to mention a great place to get proformance products:

AN Plumbing (Earl’s)

Tech Tip #2

If you need machine work done on rims to fit a specific truck then make sure you know what you want (i.e. lug pattern, hole size, flat seat or tapered) before taking them to OMF Performance in Riverside, CA. They are not mind-readers. Also, bring the lug nut being used with you, it may help.


Tech Tip #1

While inspecting heims on your suspension, for example with your beams always look at how many threads are exposed. Do not tighten the crush nut without turning the heim back in. Do not assume it was set up that way. If you tighten the crush nut it will only act as a fulcrum and pull out your last treads (V2R mm160) and when your beam hits the ground at 60 mph it will not only bend your beams but your mounts as well… Race over!