2014 NORRA 1000


Silverstate 300 Photo Gallery


NORRA Photo Book

yearbook 2014 A

Send your NORRA photos to picturethisnorra@gmail.com.  Once you have sent your photos we will respond with a PayPal button that you can purchase the book through.

Our goal is to provide a NORRA 1000 photo gallery and storyline to follow this great race.  The book can be used when asking for sponsorships, sharing with family and friends, or with sharing someone looking into the race for next year.

Some photos you may want to include are driver photos and action shots.  Every team that submits photos and purchases the book will be featured.  This is a one time shot.  No corrections will be available after printing.  All photo choices and editing will be left to our Editors, Karen Gonzalez and Lisa Campos.


  1. Will everything I submit be featured in the book?   No.  Depending on the amount of photos you submit the editors will choose the photos that best fit the book.
  2. Can I order additional books after 8-1-14?  Yes, however, additional costs may apply.
  3. Are refunds available?  Yes.  You will just have to pay to ship the book back to us.
  4. When can I expect my book?  Your book will arrive approximately 10 days after printing.  We are scheduled to print 8-1-14
  5. Is this for profit?  No.  All costs are 100% for printing and shipping only.  We just want to provide a nice souvenir item for all the racers.
  6. Can specific space be purchased?  Yes.  If there are photos that you would like to have guaranteed in the book or if you would like a full page, half page, quarter page to feature a photo of choice or ad that can be arranged.


2012 Best In The Desert, Blue Water Desert Challenge Photos


The Mint 400 Photo Gallery

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NHRA Winter Nationals

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We had a great time at the drags.  NHRA Winter Nationals, 80 degree weather, what else could you ask for?  How about VIP passes to the Lucas Oil Hospitality Tent?!  A big thanks to Lucas Oil and Andrea Black for making it all happen.

Utah Photo Gallery

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Vegas to Reno Photo Gallery

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Lorenzo Pearson’s Private Collection

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Here’s a look into the private collection of Lorenzo Pearson of West Coast Metrics.  A big thanks to NORRA for a great day!  It was nice to see our fellow racers from the Mexican 1000.

Photos from Yerlington 300

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Click on the photo above for a full slide show!

Click on the photo above for a full slide show!