Time ran out on the Whippet with three weeks to go. I called it and we are going to race the AMC Hornet again. I have all the parts to finish the 1928 Whippet but racing the Mint 400 with 3 vehicles changed all my plans.

General Tires asked us to run the AMC at NORRA while we were out at the Mint. We agreed but little did we know that Jeff had blown the motor running it low on oil. We had three weeks to completely tear down and rebuild the engine. I had to call in a couple of favors. Dave Whitehead at Dugan Engines in Riverside agreed to bore the motor and re-ground the crank. But the rest was up to us.

Add in a couple of Saturdays by Butch, a fantastic job by Dugan’s, and welding by Stewart and Jeff is driving the car home today to put a couple of hours on the new motor.

I can’t believe people aren’t calling me daily to see if they can go out with us. One week in Baja, racing down the peninsula, good food, great people, Mexican beer, and ending up in Cabo.

You may have missed this one but no one said you have to sit out the whole game 2013.
We leave for Mexico at 4am on Saturday.


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