Henderson Recap

One week before the race our engine seized on the Dyno.  The timing gear shaft fell out and sheared the bolt.  After tearing down the engine Dave Whitehead also found the cam bearings were not in right.  He ordered new parts.  A few days later he called back and said it wouldn’t be ready for the race.

We have the old black truck but it’s been sitting in our yard for 3 years and is full of leaves, spiders, and who knows what.  We need to finish the season to get our points and we have a signed contract with BFG to race the whole year.  So, we cleaned out the truck and brought a new battery, and cleaned out the entire fuel system.

We started the truck Saturday and finish up a lot of issues.  Still needed seats, lighting, trackers, and GPS.  Monday before the race the truck would not accelerate.  It would only idle.  After 4 hours it’s just dirty parts in the mas air flow clean and it’s ready to go.

Race Day:

Getting ready for a start at noon.  This truck has been used too many times.  We started here in Henderson 8 years ago.  On the first lap we blow a oil cooler line it’s repaired quickly at pit #2.  Derek and Stewart complete two laps quickly.  Derek wants out and Stewart is set to drive the last lap.

Everything is going fine.  I get in at the main pit and we’re off to pit #2.  Just before the pit we lose 2nd gear.  No problem 4 gears left, nothing we can do anyway.  We check in at pit #2.  I want the crew to check for flats, all good.  We’re off again, just out of pit #2 we lose 3rd and 1st gear is locking up.  It sounds like a meat grinder full of steel.  We slowly move on 25 miles to go to finish the race.  There’s a trophy truck blocking the race track.  We have to go around in the deep sand.  We hit a large rock and broke a tie rod off pulling it out of the hime.  I fix it quickly but it’s not going to hold.  We’d need a welder to finish the race.

We’re timed out at 9pm.  We drive over to Stateline and Derek and the crew pick us up.  Henderson track beats us again.  24 trucks start the season, I think we still have 5th place for the year.

Big thanks to our crew!

Merry Christmas!