Congratulations, NORRA!

Congratulations on a successful rally! The Mexican 1000 was the
perfect combination of racing, rally, adventure, and competition. We
enjoyed everyday even though each day had it’s ups and downs. For
example: we lost our pit crew for 10 hours on day 1 and 6 hours on day
2! We also found a centipede in Jeff’s helmet from Villa Vitta at
Bahia de Los Angeles. However, we didn’t discover it until 300 miles
later! I hope everyone that participated in the event had as much fun
as we did.

The daily staging added elements that slowed the pace day just enough
to catch our breath, gather our thoughts, and enjoy where we were; the
people waving in every town, the scenery, and the ocean views. I am
sure there will be some complaints but I hope there aren’t too many.
As for Jeff, myself, and Lost Boys Racing just 24 hours after
returning home, only the fantastic memories in Baja have risen to the

I hope NORRA will continue its return to racing. I know there is a
lot to consider please keep us informed on your decisions. If you
need any candid feedback please create a questionnaire and we’d be
happy to fill it out.

Please thank every volunteer and race officials for a hard job well done!

Gary Dixon
Lost Boys Racing Car #16


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