NORRA 1000- 1 Week Out

We’re almost ready to go but there’s still a lot of last minute work.  We are changing the ring gear in the rear end, building a new light bar, and stocking the new trailer after we add a cross over box on the front.  Our hotels are all booked except for one night.  We may need to sleep in the chase truck.  The GPS files are up and Iam going to load them and check out the course.

If you have never been to Baja to race you wouldn’t believe how long the check list is.  It changes daily and will take up to the last day to finish then you just ling things out like the President.

Chase Crew Meeting TONIGHT!

Meet at the Shop at 6pm.

We only have 1 week, we leave Tuesday, 4/27 AM.

We need to be in Mexicali by 12pm for the Navigation Meeting.


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