The Evolution of Lost Boys Racing


c. 1997 Demo Car. The famous 911 Lincoln.  It’s last race in Indio.  Left to Right: ?, Derek Dixon, Richard Schouten 


This Lincoln raced live on TNN with Steve Evans from Reno, NV.  This car survived nine demolition heats including one 1st place in Victorville, CA.  Driver:  Gary Dixon Crew:  Derek Dixon and his High School friends.


c. 1998 Stewart Dixon, Age 14 receiving his 11th consecutive 1st place trophy of the day at the California State Finals.


Stewart crossing the finish line in 1st place for the 11th time.


Gary Dixon (#398) racing with GI Joe in the over 40 class in Perris, CA.


c. 2000.  Derek playing Rugby in the center with the ball.


Lost Boys Racing first race in Henderson, NV2002.  Gary had the crew actually wax the paint!


The very first race truck; it still had paper plates and the radio and A/C were still running.


Gary & Derek don’t know how to put on the new fire suits.


Our first Baja 1000, 2006.  Around mile marker 525.


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