Henderson Desert Classic


Last minute updates:

We have been working on rebuilding our engine, I should say, Dave Whitehead has been rebuilding our engine.  After a complete tear down it was apparent that our engine was destroyed in the Vegas to Reno race during day1.  It was a miracle we finished that race.  Starting the Silver State 300 with that engine was proof w should go back to school for a refresher course in racing engines.  Or probably is was just my hope that this engine would last four races and that it wouldn’t need rebuilding until after Henderson.  Look for a complete update on this in our tech tips coming soon!

Please check the BitD site for a complete update on Henderson there are a lot of changes.  If you are going to the race, bring LED lights for your rig in the main pit.


SEMA 2009

Our first time at SEMA and Jeff and I left for Vegas about 12am Thursday night, or is that Friday morning?  Our plan was to be the first ones there on Friday.  We received our badges at 7:30 pm and the show doesn’t open until 9am.  But there was plenty to see outside.


Just where do you start? Well, I figured I’d would take pictures of everything before the crowds arrived. This show covers the entire car and truck world.


If you haven’t seen a SEMA show, you will really need two days to see everything. The walking distance is around 18 miles to see everything and if you did that in one day, all your pictures would be blurry!


We had a great day. I took lots of pictures, you can see the slide show HERE, check them out.