Desert Racing is so much fun

Desert Racing is so much fun
It’s a place to have the family come
Daddy drives the truck so fast
He hopes to win and not be last
The desert dust begins to fly
When all the trucks go roaring by
Before we begin to start the race
There’s much to do back at our place
There’s a shop so big with lots of tools
Where they work on trucks and follow rules
They take the truck apart and then
They put it back together again
They weld they hammer and make some noise
It’s a great place for all the boys
They fix the steering, they fix the brakes
They fix and learn and correct mistakes
They go for a test drive will the truck start
Or will they have to go buy a new part
The fenders are on the seats are set
The paint has dried put up the net
Put on the stickers we are ready to go
The race in on it’s time for the show
The pit crew is ready they have packed all their gear
The next race is Henderson last one for the year
The family is going we stay in the RV
We camp in the pit area where the racing will be
Contingency started we must wait in line
Then the drivers meeting later and after we dine
Morning comes early beginning the race
They start their engines. They are off for the chase
Go over the rocks and silt beds and more
Some trucks just get stuck while some seem to soar
When they come through the pit area it’s time for a show
They come roaring in over jumps “way to go!”
They come ‘round the corners the crowd screams with cheer
We can see our team truck they almost are here
The pit crew gets ready the truck has a flat
They change it quite quickly “wow look at that!”
Thanks for the drinks the guys do a switch
And off again they jump over the ditch
How they get dirty and love to have fun
It’s the end of the race and guess what they have won!

Written By: Cheryl MT Dixon Nov. 2008

Hope to see you at the Henderson race Saturday 12/6/08. Early racing all day.