The Baja 1000 Blues

Everyday for the past week I have woken up and wished I were in Baja.  The Baja 1000 started today.  I am not sure what I miss the most the name recognition of the Baja 1000, the beauty of a surfside village like Loreto Bay, the undevoloped views of mountains, desert, and the ocean, a small store in the middle of nowhere with a Diet Coke (Coke Light), or stories that last a lifetime. But this is what I do not miss;  the armed guards at every checkpoint, the parking lot that charges $20 to protect your truck that ends up getting keyed anyway, and the threat of being targeted by the drug cartels for just looking at them the wrong way.    So, instead of going to the race… I had a root canal.

Speaking of pulling things out we pulled the engine out of the new truck to be rebuilt again by Dave Whitehead.  It goes into his shop Monday, 11/24/08.


Baja sucks but not being there sucks too.


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