Week 5

Our meeting with Dave Clark went great.  He spent an hour and a half telling us about our truck and how he built it.  There was a lot of emphasis on SCORE rules using the old 2002-2006 Rulebook.  There has been many changes since then.  That could be why the truck was never finished.  I am not sure though.  It doesn’t matter to me, once we finish this truck it will put Lost Boys Racing on the map.

The time, money, and expertise in this build is already above my expectations.  I hope we can finish this truck soon and that Gary Turner and Dave Clark wouldn’t mind having their names on it.



Tech Tip #3

Here’s a very helpful video guide, not to mention a great place to get proformance products:

AN Plumbing (Earl’s)

Week 4

Well it’s rolling (literally) again after we had to take a 1 week break from the new truck to focus on the Silverstate 300. I worked on it Sunday for 6 hours, replacing A arms and making ride height spacers that fit in the shock mounts.

Monday I ordered wheel bearings and races from the new ORW, Temecula. Also, I went down to Kartek and spoke with Mike about the other missing hub parts. He called Dave Clark, the builder to get the right answers. He also told Dave about our purchase and that I would like to meet him, I spoke with Dave briefly, about 5 minutes and my first impression was that he is a very smart and nice guy. He is willing to get us going in the right direction and would be excited to see the truck finished. We are taking the truck over to Frank Nye’s shop next week to meet with Dave Clark.

Currently, we have our best mechanics working on the truck…

He can build front ends with his eyes closed…

But plays around too much.

Silverstate 300 Video