Vegas to Reno Video

New video is up at Sopwith Motorsports. Go HERE to check it out.

Damage Report

As many of you have read our beams took a beating. We cut them off and took them over to Giant Motorsports. I was impressed with their website, you should check it out.

It turns out that the King Pin front end that we run is not compatible with what they carry. We would need to change everything including rim size.

Also, the 9″ rear end is at Currie. I got a call from Robbie and was told that the housing is bent and the repairs we talked about will not work. They will have to build us something new; axles & spool- $$$. The radiator is also leaking due to a small crack in the back side under the fan and the power steering is leaking so I will need to call Howe about that. All of this damage in only 160 miles… I really don’t want to start over with this truck again!

Please check back this weekend (9/6) for a BIG surprise!