Vegas to Reno 2008


V2R Update- We were off to a late start. It’s 12 noon on Friday 8/22. It’s already over 100 degrees. There are over 319 entries here. We always knew our truck was underpowered but this is ridiculous. The combination of deep sand and an uphill grade make it impossible to go over 40 mph. We are nursing the engine to keep it under 240 degrees. Stewart is driving and he states “We can’t even race!” as we watch four trucks pass us. The track starts to level out now and going downhill we were able to pick up speed. We are making up time and the front end is handling the track easily. Maintaining speed through this section kept us in the race.

After Pit #2 we start to see people broken down. We are now in 2nd place. Engine temperature is still a real problem. Stewart has to slow down every time the temp hits 240. It takes up to 5 minutes to cool down at 1/2 throttle.

Pit #4 there are two crews helping us check out the truck. They find loose wheel bearings. Quickly they pull out bearings, re-pack, tighten, and replace missing dust cover with a water bottle and duct tape, good job too… bad inner bearing is completely gone too! Also, tightened loose crush nuts on beams and we’re back in the race.

Five miles later the front end lets go. See Tech Tip #1. We worked on the truck for 3-4 hours and it’s getting dark now. The race is over for us around 7:30pm. Time for a steak dinner in Tonopah. We have not seen the final results but we think we still placed 4th.



Tech Tip #1

While inspecting heims on your suspension, for example with your beams always look at how many threads are exposed. Do not tighten the crush nut without turning the heim back in. Do not assume it was set up that way. If you tighten the crush nut it will only act as a fulcrum and pull out your last treads (V2R mm160) and when your beam hits the ground at 60 mph it will not only bend your beams but your mounts as well… Race over!

Vegas to Reno Pre Fun Run

In February, I bought a new F150 4×4 crew cab… a basically stock short bed. Within 4 months, I purchased a King Lift Kit from Kartek in Corona and new tires from Howard at Discount Tires in Temecula. Howard installed both the lift and tires for us. The King Kit cleared 35’s with just a little bit if trimming at the wheel well plastics and the BFG mud terrain KM tires I chose were outstanding! To add the finishing touch we had a custom wrap designed and installed by Garage Graffix in Murrieta. Here’s the final result:

moreno valley countevegas  to reno 2008r 134

We took the new truck to the Vegas to Reno Pre Fun Run and completed 350 miles on the course until we were forced to stop to pull my son’s Jeep off the course due to a fuel pump failure. My F150 ran perfect. The top speed was over 90 mph and the average speed was 25 mph on day 1 and 32 mph on day 2. We could have easily completed the course in 2-wheel drive but I used 4×4 high many times just to see the difference. In 4-wheel high silt bed ruts, sometimes 2′ deep, were easily avoided and even if we fell in the front end traction pulled us back on top quickly.

The Vegas to Reno Race is this weekend, Thursday, 8/21/08 through Sunday, 8/24/08. So check back for a complete update.

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